Increasing impact of science on industry development

By directing research activities to industry related topics we are building additional capacities for industry related research and are increasing number of scientist in real-production sector. Project, directly contributes with researchers hired on this development project (10), but it also deploys horizontal activities like directing student graduate theses and introducing new education curriculums based on applied science research, thus enabling further impact of the project on science-industry collaborative development-.

Increasing cooperation level between science institutions and industry

As project result, Office for industry collaboration and EU funds is founded within the Faculty, with objective to remove technical and administrative barriers for collaboration projects and actively promotes the same within research groups and industry subjects. The impact is creating long-term policies that shall be guidelines for future project and developing large network enabling more fluid transfer of knowledge and technology between science institutions and industry.

Raising technical knowledge and skills of young scientist for research and development

On project, in development teams, we have combination of young scientists and the more experienced mentor, resulting in knowledge transfer and raising capacities of young researchers for research and development. As said, project shall raise technical and practical knowledge of this group, and shall also increase skills of yet to be scientists by introducing project results into the student curriculums and directing students to choose applied research graduate theises. All of the upper mentioned activities are part of project, aimed to create stabile platform for technology transfer operations and to strengthen the research capacities of young scientists.

Contributing to energy efficient society and preservation of nature

The project main topic is developing more efficient way of harvesting energy from waste heat, by doing so we are directly contributing to higher energy efficiency and preservation of nature. The products developed are by construction and application energy efficient ant their usage in other applications will also yield in energy preservation and reducing the CO2 footprint.