Technical results

Two models of high power frequency converter for high-speed engines and generators developed and tested in practice
ORC co-generation process mathematical model and c
o-generation plant control system based on adaptive algorithms developed
Ammonium absorption heat pump for upgrading co-generation to tri-generation system designed and constructed toghether with project parnter Banko d.o.o.

Horizontal results

Raised general public awareness about importance of science-industry collaboration (Conference – Science, economy and EU funds)
Impact on popularization of science-industry collaboration on Faculty of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and naval arhitecture (signed collaboration contracts 3+)

IRI cluster for research, development and innovation founded, in order to raise collaboration level between local science institutions and industry (
The knowledge acquired is transfered to student population trough mentorship on graduate theises (7) and by forming a curiculum of new elective course based on project results